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Ibiza Preservation Fund does good work

The Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) was created in 2008 by a group of private persons to support the protection of nature and the environment. Since it’s creation, the IPF has funded more than 30 projects focused in nature and biodiversity preservation, partnering with local grass root organizations. One very important project was the prevention of the oil drilling’s near the coast of Ibiza. The IPF organized several petitions, demonstrations, publicity and more than 100.000 signatures therefor avoided this from happening.

In the area of marine ecology and coastal preservation they have also funded initiatives to preserve habitat for the critically endangers species like the Balearic Shearwater bird. The IPF is also working to strengthen the protection of the designated Unesco World Heritage fields of Marine Posidonia, as well as to create an Observatory to promote Ibiza´s fresh water management.

Ibiza was declared a Unesco World Heritage site because of its rare blend of both biodiversity and well-preserved cultural heritage. Ibiza and Formentera represent a unique opportunity to showcase 21st century sustainability. The Islands should evolve to allow its tourist economy to harmoniously co-exist with the preservation and nurturing of its unique cultural and environmental heritage.

For more information on their initiatives please visit the website. http://www.ibizapreservationfund.org/